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Weight Management

Struggling with your weight, or perhaps just looking to shed a few extra pounds in the new year? Working with your body's natural planetary rhythms can help you find a routine that best fits your personality. Try the following suggestions, customized by astrological sign.

Since the beginning of time, humans have been trying to 'normalize' their life despite the harsh conditions they face such as unpredictable weather, pollution, and disease. The fight against excess weight is no different --- man still wishes to 'normalize' it. Although you may have been struggling for years with your weight and have already tried various approaches to shed those unwanted pounds (e.g. diets, exercise, pills), you now have the opportunity, through vedic astrology, to finally correct your weight issues. A proper astrology reading can reveal all those factors and determinants that contribute to your weight gain and prevent your weight loss. For example, if Saturn currently conjuncts with your Sun sign, then the time may finally be ripe for you to lose weight --- success is almost guaranteed. Due to this rare positioning of Saturn (occurs every 29-30 years), starting a weight loss campaign during this time would be optimal --- Saturn will actually supply you with the discipline needed to lose weight!

Why is this so? How can the placements of certain planets and heavenly bodies help or prevent you from losing weight.

The age-old science of jyotish helps us understand the influences (magnetic vibrations) the planets, the sun, and the moon have on our life (in this specific case our physical condition), and guides us in re-balancing our bodily systems to create an internal environment that brings about homeostasis (the ability to regulate and maintain a stable and constant condition).

This means that through hindi jyotish your body can actually start to vibrate in harmony with the planets, and therefore everything you need to lose weight (on a mental, emotional, and physical level) will be provided for you automatically. In short, vedic jyotish can put you on 'easy street', as it pertains to weight loss. Your only other recourse would be to go against the grain, and so make things harder on yourself and your weight-loss endeavors.

Using hindi jyotish to procure health and weight management is nothing new. In fact, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, used astrology in many instances while treating his patients. That being the case, it makes perfect sense to take the aid of our Indian astrologers in order to secure a body that is full of vitality, energy and strength. As the saying goes, "Health is wealth!" If you do not feel well, then how can you act well? If you can not act well, then how will you produce those results in your life that lead to happiness, success and satisfaction?

At Maharishi Gems Jewelry Jyotish Kendra we will work with your body's natural planetary rhythms, and so make it easier for you to find a routine that fits your personality. Not only will you be able to pinpoint the best period in which to lose weight, but will also be able to determine any weight gain periods in advance, thus giving you the awareness to foresee these 'dangerous periods' and limit their negative influences on your bodily systems and processes.

By obtaining an astrology reading at Maharishi Gems Jewelers Jyotish Kendra, and by applying the advice of our expert Indian astrologers, you will be in a great position to lose weight and keep it off for good.

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