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Medical Problem

Medical Astrology is one of the established ancient medical systems which consist of direct relation with different body parts, drugs and diseases which all are under influence of moon, sun and planets in combination with all twelve astrological signs. Its main basis is pseudoscience along with astrology. An experienced Medical Astrologer deeply study one's horoscope natal chart and provides them effective and accurate remedies foe body areas which are facing problems currently. The main objective medical astrology is to offers a proven indication at which extent extraterrestrial influence when illness occurs in body. For example a men or women who is having strong Taurus in their horoscope chart then there is chance of possibility is that they suffer from severe throat problems. In this astrology native's birth chart horoscope is compared to Zodiac Current position along with planets position.

All human organs of the body are ruled accordingly to planets as follow:

  • Brain and Nerves: By Mercury and Uranus
  • Respiratory: By Mercury
  • Heart: By Sun
  • Arteries: By Mars
  • Veins: By Saturn
  • Kidneys: By Venus
  • Liver: By Jupiter
  • Digestive system: By Venus
  • Muscles: By Mars
  • Reproduction: By Venus and Mars
  • Endocrine system: By Neptune and Uranus

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