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Thumb Reading

According to palmistry thumb has very big importance as it shows accurate 100% characteristic. As it is provides a quick insight of person's features, actual attitude and root cause of all other features also. The thumb houses the Shukra ie Venus which is mounted at the base which is important part of the palm and is generally bigger than other hand fingers. Thumb is the only main aspect for reading hands. As palm is having close relationship with brain development but in palmistry study thumb is the only part of a body which deals with will of a person. The palm has been closely tied with the development of the brain and the eye, but in terms of palmistry, the thumb deals a great deal with a person's will.

The idyllic thumb is having a good length and it stretches to middle of the index finger's first joint. Ideally the shape of a person's thumb must have a round upper sections with tapering and slim downs in the middle as a person having with this thumb characteristic is having logical mind, balanced love and will

In terms of the shape, the thumb should have a well rounded upper section which tapers and slims down in the middle. This type of thumb represents someone who has a balanced will, a logical mind, and love.

Maharishi Pankaj Acharya is one of the top and best Thumb Reading Astrologer in Faridabad, Delhi and NCR since 2003 having list of many satisfied clients which get accurate astrological reading for their future by his best palmistry and astrological readings.

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