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Do you lack the concentration required to achieve your desired goals? Let astrology help you get your focus back..

Exams can be a pain in the neck. But Ganesha can help you minimise this pain.

A minor change in name can help you get the desired results. Find out how an extra letter can change your educational fortune.

The Influence of Astrology on Education

Anyone can increase their learning capabilities and remove all educational obstacles through Jyotish (traditional Hindu system of astronomy and astrology). Finding out how the planetary alignments you were born under coincide with your ability to achieve your educational goals, as well as learning how to invoke Ganesha (the remover of obstacles) and thus create a clear path to your future, are just some of the ways we can help you. Our Indian astrologers will help you gain more confidence in your capacity to learn new things and achieve the required concentration to not only memorize your lessons for your exams, but also interiorize them for life.

At our jyotish kendra (Gurukul - astrology school) we analyze and identify your planetary positioning through vedic astrology, which shows us:

  1. 1. The planetary influences that will produce higher marks
  2. 2. The planetary influences that will produce average marks
  3. 3. The planetary influences that will produce poor marks

Therefore, we can make any necessary adjustments in order to help you achieve the highest grades possible --- this can sometimes be as simple as making a minor change in your name to produce the desired effects/results.

Vedic jyotish has a long-standing success rate when it comes to planning all aspects of a person's life, as well as molding all aspects of a person's personality. That is why we are quite confident that we can provide you or your child the necessary means to combat any educational obstructions you/they may suffer from, and so change your/their career destiny through the ancient wisdom of hindi jyotish.

Lets face it, in today's competitive and high-paced world most of us are overwhelmed with the pressure to perform at optimal levels. This is especially true in the classroom. More than ever students are bombarded with a great deal of information (and very little time in which to digest it all). This alone can cause them to perform at sub-par levels. Combine that with the pressures of their parent's expectations and any limitations that they may have been born with, and what was once used as a tool to expand the human consciousness (education), becomes a burden to suffer.

Despite the fact that you or your child may have put in long hours to achieve a reasonable measure of success, the truth is that it might not be enough --- their/your educational dreams, goals, and aspirations may not coincide with your/their 'luck'. That is where our Indian astrologers come in. Through their astrology reading and their many methods, techniques and modalities to counter any negative effects you may be experiencing from your planetary alignments (and to maximize the positive ones as well), they can increase any student's (young or old) capacity to learn. You or your child may not become an "Einstein", but you will become smarter --- that is for sure.

Our Astrology for Students services can help you:

  1. Get over any fears you may have in regards to learning (this includes any apprehensions that can appear during any
  2. Help you achieve laser-like concentration
  3. Increase your memory
  4. Achieve higher marks

Stand out from the crowd (helpful in getting that job you want)

Through our jyotish services, you will know when the best time to take your exams are and which path (subject matter and career) would best suit your constitution (according to your planetary alignments). We can help you answer those all-important questions such as:

  1. 1. When and how to take your exams
  2. 2. Is higher studies right for you
  3. 3. Should you study abroad or at home

In short, we will remove any short-term obstacles you may currently face --- as it pertains to education --- and assist you in mapping out your future course (the one that will satisfy both your internal and external conditions). So don't delay and take full advantage of our student jyotish services today. Remember, it is most definitely possible to remove all current and future limitations that are preventing you or your child from maximizing your/their potential at our jyotish kendra. .

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