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Business Debt / Loan

For businessman their business is one of the most important segments of their life for deciding and securing their future prospective. Business people can use astrology for predicting success in future with their business decisions right for making a great success. Electional astrology selects best time and day for a business to be initiate. Vedic Astrology is the best and sacred approach for future predictions as the time passes people's curiosity increases for knowing about their life

Since 2003 well known top astrologer in Faridabad, Delhi, NCR Maharishi Pankaj Acharya deals in providing precise business astrology solutions and predictions for any type of business related problems and issues. Business astrology deals with analysis of Zodiac nativities and focus on planets which are responsible for various zodiac sun signs
Following are main factors according to Vedic Astrology which are used for better business start up:

  • Always select the right week day for launching business
  • Wednesday or Saturday is the best day for business launching to make it last a long time business
  • Planet Jupiter bring good fortune for any business if it is in position of the 1st, 5th or 9th houses
  • Steer clear of the days when the Sun is changing sign.
  • All Mercury, Saturn and the Moon rule business so they must be strong in the chart.
  • Full moon is the most favourable time.

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