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Naadi Dosh

In Hindu religion at time of marriage kundli matching for Nadi is considered as one of the most important Kootas as its main purpose is to indicate health compatibility between two partners. According to Vedic Astrologers 8 points out of 36 points are given to Nadi as it is offering maximum weight age it is considered as primary factor while marriage kundli matching. Nadi Dosh is formed when there is occurrence of nadi disagreement between the horoscopes of two people, in that case marriage is not possible between two. Nadi Dosh occurs when both partners ie male and female born under the same moon rashi's, charan and nakshatra. For marriage stars to be favourable and horoscopes to be matched the couple must have cordial with each other it means that both must be born in different nadi. The day and time a person is born at determine the Birth Star of the person. Each Birth Star is divided into three nadis:

  • Aadi or first nadi
  • Madhya or middle nadi
  • and Antar or last nadi

According to scientific language in nadi dosh they will have same prakriti which means that their children may be physically weaker so it is always preferred that girl and boy must have opposite nadi for a compatible marriage relationship. Some points to be checked during nadi dosh.

  • If boy and girl have same Moon Sign but their birth Nakshatra are not same and both of them are having same Nadi then nadi dosh gets cancelled.
  • If both have same birth Nakshatra and their moons signs are different then also Nadi Dosh cancelled
  • If both are born in the same Nakshatra but the Charan or Pada of Nakshatra is different, Nadi Dosh gets nullified

But 5th House of Lagan kundli of both should be checked as House No- 5 is considered house of Children as girl and boy have Nadi dosh 5th house gets effected that causes infertility.

Many of the astrological remedies are there for decreasing the effect of Nadi Dosh in kundli. So do not be worry about all these problems. Well known Vedic Astrologer Maharishi Pankaj Acharya is having experience of many years in providing effective astrological solutions for Nadi Dosh in Faridabad, Delhi, and NCR. Book your appointment now!!!! Do not be late to make your future better and happy

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