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Horoscopes Year-2016


Sagittarius Year - 2016
Work and profession

This year promises great success for your professional career. Those doing business can expect more gains and they are advised to expand their business as much as they can. Those doing job shall also get benefitted with increase in their income. This year shall prove highly auspicious for making any type of achievement in the field of education, employment and business. The chances of success shall get brightened after May 2016.


The latter half of this year shall be extremely auspicious for consolidating your financial position. There shall be an increase in your income and savings. Your investments shall prove beneficial. If you shall invest on the name of your spouse then chances of gains shall get multiplied as Jupiter shall transit into 7th house from your Rashi after May.

Family and Social Life

There shall be mutual harmony and peace in the family. Social reputation shall enhance. You shall be appreciated by your close friends, neighbours, relatives and business partner.


Your health shall remain excellent throughout the year. There won't be any health problem at all. Your working efficiency shall improve specially in the latter half of the year. The health of your spouse shall also improve. You shall be happy at heart and develop positive outlook towards life.

Career and Competitive Exams

Good news regarding competitive examination shall pour in. If you have appeared in some competitive examination then you might get the news regarding your success in it. You shall be able to get higher education from some recognised institute. This year is auspicious for your career and you can expect some new job in especially in the second half of the year. You might get some government job or some positive gain from government in this connection.The business persons also might get opportunity to do better than their competitors. You might get into a new and beneficial business partnership in the latter half of the year.


This year is auspicious for journeys. Short and long journeys both are beneficial. Your business tours and journeys to tourist place shall prove exciting and beneficial. The place where you are working presently shall prove beneficial for your progress. If you happen to get transferred to some new place most probably it shall be a place of your choice only. In nutshell there won't be any need for you to get transferred.

Suggested remedies

You are advised to worship lord Vishnu to attain mental peace, physical fitness, energy, progress and happiness. People shall get impressed with your glory and influence. Wear yellow clothes on Thursday to overcome obstacles and accomplish your tasks.

* These characteristics of Zodiac signs are general and should not be accepted literally because for complete analysis of the personality and nature of a person the Moon sign, ascendant sign and ascendant lord should also be analysed for which horoscope reading is inevitably essential.



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