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Horoscopes Year-2016


Gemini Year - 2016
Work and profession

There shall be obstacles on your professional front as a result of which you would be disappointed at heart. For doing your work perfectly you are advised to maintain your will power, confidence and determination. Be cautious from the strategies or conspiracies of your enemies and do not reveal your strategies and future plans to others. Those who are doing business are advised to make investments sensibly. They should not take any decision in this connection in a hurry rather think about the possibilities of desired success by considering and reviewing their business plans before making investment. Try not to change their existing business. Be careful from business partner. Students shall take interest in their studies. Determination of mind is required to overcome the obstacles.


The first half of this year is not auspicious for accumulation of money. Expenditure shall increase. Therefore you are advised to control unnecessary expenses for keeping your budget in shape. Do not take loan from anybody and make the plans of your expenses and income in the beginning of the year. New sources of income shall be created in the latter half of the year.

Family and Social Life

This year might bring in some tensions related to home and family. Be patientand bold. You shall be highly worried about the education and health of your children. This year is not auspicious for your social reputations therefore try to be good in your behaviour with your colleagues, relatives and friends.


This year shall remain average for your health. Stomach disorder is indicated therefore be disciplined and cautious about your eating habits. Do not eat anything that does not suit your health. Avoid spicy food.

Career and Competitive Exams

This year promises great success for you therefore grab the opportunities of appearing in competitions especially in the latter half of the year. Those who have completed their education might face some struggle in their career making expeditions but shall get success after May 2016.


Those doing job might get transferred to a place against their wish however they shall feel happy at this place after some time. You might have to stay away from your home because of your work. Those who are planning to start their business abroad might be successful.

Suggested remedies

You won't take much interest in your religious activities. There shall be obstacles in your religious journeys. Chant following Mantra on Saturday - Om Prang PreengPraungSahSaneshchrayNamah. Be good in your behaviour. Surve the poor and worship lord Hanuman on Saturday.

* These characteristics of Zodiac signs are general and should not be accepted literally because for complete analysis of the personality and nature of a person the Moon sign, ascendant sign and ascendant lord should also be analysed for which horoscope reading is inevitably essential.



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