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Horoscopes Year-2016


Scorpio Year - 2016
Work and profession

This year seems to be average for your success. Big indications of rise and fall are not there. You might not change your work place. The influence of Sadhesati might create sadness in you. Mind shall be disturbed. There shall be probability of difference of opinion with your seniors. Business persons are advised not to make investments in those ventures where risk is involved.


There shall be a situation of dilemma as your income shall be less as compared to expenses because of malefic influence of Sadhesati. This year is not auspicious for making investments. Make investments on the name of your life partner.

Family and Social Life

Family atmosphere shall be peaceful because of which your time might get spent at home only. You shall enjoy the cooperation of children and life partner. You need to be cautious about the health of your mother.Control your speech otherwise you might become victim of controversy.


This year shall be average for your health in the first half of it. Take lot of rest and drink plenty of water. Lot of mental tension are indicated. The latter half of the year is specifically bad for your health.

Career and Competitive Exams

This year might prove to be disappointing for students. If they wish to be successful in their competitive exams then they are advised to work very hard. Do not take interest in useless activities rather be focussed about your studies only. Those willing to get higher education might not get desirable success. In career making efforts there shall be bigger obstacles in the latter half.


It would be better to avoid journeys in this year as the probability of trouble and obstacles in journeys are indicated. These troubles shall increase after the first half of the year. Short journeys shall prove to be beneficial.

Suggested remedies

* These characteristics of Zodiac signs are general and should not be accepted literally because for complete analysis of the personality and nature of a person the Moon sign, ascendant sign and ascendant lord should also be analysed for which horoscope reading is inevitably essential.



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