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Horoscopes Year-2016


Capricon Year - 2016
Work and profession

This shall prove to be an excellent year for your profession. You shall be able to start new business venture and earn more profits from it. Those who are seeking employment shall get job probably in the beginning of the year. Those who were facing obstacles in their promotions shall get promoted by the mid of the year. Those seeking transfer shall get transferred to desirable place. This year shall bring success for students. Their enhanced confidence shall help them to score good marks in examinations. Those doing research work shall be able to complete it smoothly.


This year shall be beneficial for your financial position. The investment made last year shall give return this year. However you are advised not to be over enthusiastic about making new investments. You might spend money on clothes, ornaments, jewellery, gold, silver, etc.

Family and Social Life

Your family members shall co-operate you and there won't be any tensions from them. The health of all family members shall remain good. All of them shall be engaged in their work sincerely. There is probability that some auspicious ceremony might take place at home like marriage etc. You might get some senior post of responsibility which would enhance your reputation.


This year shall prove to be auspicious for your health and your working efficiency is getting increased continuously but there can be some health trouble like diabetes or stomach disorder in the latter half. Regular exercise and disciplined diet shall keep you fit physically.

Career and Competitive Exams

This year shall prove to be highly auspicious for your success in competitive examinations and in addition to that there shall be great chances of not only getting employment but also get enrolled in some premier institute to pursue higher education.


There is strong probability of transfer. You might go on pilgrimage to attain mental peace. Your journey shall be absolutely successful and fill you with a feeling of happiness, excitement, joy and enthusiasm.

Suggested remedies

This year you are advised to worship lord Shani to get comfort, peace and prosperity. The blessings of lord Shani shall fill this year with happiness and harmony at home. You shall be interested in religious activities.

* These characteristics of Zodiac signs are general and should not be accepted literally because for complete analysis of the personality and nature of a person the Moon sign, ascendant sign and ascendant lord should also be analysed for which horoscope reading is inevitably essential.



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